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I hereby apply to be admitted as a member of Leeuwkop Golf Club in accordance with the club’s constitution which is presently or which hereafter may be in force and which I have accepted. I undertake to be bound by the constitution of Leeuwkop Golf Club and all other rules and or legislation applicable to members from time to time. I also undertake to pay all fee, subscriptions and dues on the due dates. I also undertake to accept the ruling(s) of the management committee in all cases where I may be involved and accept that I shall not be absolved from the effect to these rules on the pleas of not having received a copy of these rules or any part therefore.

 I understand that a contravention by me of any of the undertakings or statements given above shall constitute a breach of the rules of Leeuwkop Golf Club and invalidate my membership if accepted on this application.

I further confirm that all information contained herein as supplied by me are correct as at the date of submitting of this application form.
I hereby accept the above terms and conditions
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