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Foward Tee Rating



Dear Members

Members with permission to play off the forward tees will have noted that the course rating has been changed on the handicapping system. You might have noted when entering your scores that the forward tee score rating has changed to 68 from the previous 71. The reasons for this are explained in the communication below from the Central Gauteng Golf Union.

NB: The requirement to reduce your handicap by 3 strokes for competitions will come into effect at Leeuwkop on 1 March 2014. The Tournament Committee has decided however that if a forward tee player is involved in any Knockout Matches in February the reduced handicap rule will apply.

The CGGU message regarding national course rating changes implemented by the SAGU follows:

“Refer to the ongoing issue regarding the use of forward tees and senior tees.

In terms of section 17 of the SAGA handicap manual, I am embarking on a very urgent project to align all Clubs in Central Gauteng with the policy as stated.
A number of things will happen once I have all the information as requested :

  1. I will recalculate your appropriate course ratings for each of the distances, including the altitude factor.
  2. I will change the description of SENIOR TEES to FORWARD TEES for all Clubs (This is in line with the SAGA Handicapping Manual)
  3. I will standardise the names of the tees as above as we currently have for example, Championship tees, Pro tees, Tournament tees all referring to the same thing and it would make sense to standardise it.
  4. I will update your various course ratings on the HNA system

This may result in your score cards not being correct with regard to the ratings of the different tees (That is if it is printed on your score cards) otherwise the only impact will be that the correct course ratings will be used when submitting scores.

In addition to the above, SENIOR TEES are allowed on the odd hole where it is difficult for a senior for example, to carry over long water or a hazard. There is not meant to be 18 Senior Tees on the golf course. A senior would typically elect to play of the FORWARD TEES and submit his score depending on the rating of those FORWARD TEES. This is regardless of the couple of holes he might use the senior tees (Which will reduce the total distance somewhat) as described in the 1st sentence.

Basically this is to ensure that every set of tees is calculated using the same formula, ladies have a different one. In the past the Senior tees and the Club tees normally had the same rating, while the one set was quite a lot shorter than the other set. All senior tees have now been replaced by the term Forward Tees. Therefore because of the change any player is able to play off any set of tees that he wishes and is able to submit that score for handicapping. If for instance you are playing with three senior members, you can play with them off the same tees and still be able to submit a score for handicapping. Your senior members who previously used the old rating and now use the new Forward Tees with the “easier” rating should see their handicap go higher.

The tricky thing now comes in when you are playing in a club competition, in order to level the playing field once again (as any player who elects to play off the Forward Tees are now playing an easier course), the difference between the rating of the Club Tees and Forward Tees must be subtracted off the handicap of the player who elects to play off the Forward Tee. I.e. If both you and I are playing and we are both 10 handicaps. I elect to play off the Forward Tees and you elect to pay off the Club Tees. The rating of the Club Tees is 71 and the Forward Tees is 68, with the difference between the two being 3. Therefore I will adjust my handicap by 3 to a 7 and we are then playing against each other on an equal footing. Some clubs, Randpark for example, put a sign on the tee stating that should you wish to play forward today, please reduce your handicap by 3 shots.

Your members will now see when they travel to other clubs that their handicaps will be in line with their opponents as everyone is now using the same calculation system.”

Leeuwkop members can read the SAGU communication about handicapping on the www. Leeukopgc website as well.

Roy Paige: Communications