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Dear Members,

 Funny thing is that we golfers are often a grumpy lot. Just as the winter chill reduces the veracity of the rough, allows the ball to scoot on another few metres on the drives and our poa anua greens blossom with the reduced heat, we find ourselves with a range of excuses as to why our scores are not improving. A selection of such heard on the course recently include:

  •  The greens are too hard,
  • The ground is too hard,
  • The greens are too fast,
  • I always seem to find the holes in the rough,
  • I am so cold I can’t turn / swing / bend / feel etc. etc. etc.

It is true that the winter chill creates issues for us all, however the challenge is to embrace this! After all, many of us who have faced the morning chill and watched the sun rise have enjoyed the stark beauty and stillness of a Highveld winters morning – enjoy! It was the great Ben Hogan who once said:

 “As you walk down the fairway of life, you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round.”


May 2017 Results

 03 May 2017 - Meat Competition

 Bruce Grubb    37 pts, John Whitehead   36 c/o, Trevor Morkel   36 c/o

 Nearest to pin: On 8th   - Mike Cameron, 18th -    Bruce Grubb

2 Clubs - Jan Van Rhyn, Mike Cameron, Bruce Grubb


06 May 2017 - Monthly Medal

 A-Div     1. M Kanadava                  76 Nett

 B-Div     1. G Stephenson              72 Nett,      2. K Fawcett     75 Nett

 C- Div    1. A Anderson                    39 pts,       2. P Matthee   33 pts

 Seniors A-Div     S Brown               69 Nett

 Seniors B-Div      A Smith                38 pts

 Ladies Gold         L Crofford           82 Nett

 Ladies Gold         B Short                 25 c/o pts

 Nearest to pin: On 8th   M Kandava, 12th    M Preiss, 18th M Kandava


Afternoon Field

1.  R Davidson    40 pts, 2. K Botha    39 pts


 Sunday 07 May 2017 - IPS

1.  M Kandava  39 pts, 2. E Sanders  38 pts

 Nearest to pin: On 8th J Jackson, 18th      W Van der berg


 Wednesday 10 May 2017 - Meat Competition

1. D Rodger   40 pts, 2. T Morkel  39 pts, 3. A Viljoen   38 pts

 Nearest to pin: On 3rd D Roger, 18th A Viljoen

 2 Clubs - A Viljoen, N Roscoe, P Hutton, R Paige


Saturday 13 May 2017 - IPS

 1. Mario Da Cunha     36 pts, 2. Nick Hughes  33 pts


Afternoon Field

 1. Aben Akaloo  35 pts, 2. Yikash Ram  30 pts

 Nearest to pin: On 8th A Akaloo, 18th    A Smith


Sunday 14 May 2017

 1. M Kandava, 2. I Mawson

 Nearest to the pin 18th I Mawson


Wednesday 17 May 2017 - Meat Competition

 1. A Vlok    38 pts, 2. A Bellamy   37 pts, B Short  36 c/o

 Nearest to pin: On 3rd Roy Paige, 12th A Vlok

 2 Clubs - D Rodger


Saturday 20 May 2017- 4 Ball Alliance

Morning Field

  1. A Lloyd , C Lovett, E Davidson, D Ryall 87 points
  2. T Burke , J Ramsay, G Stephenson, S Hurst 84 pts
  3. W Cummingham, T. Kelleher, R Lackey, P Van Vuuren 83 pts



Afternoon Field

 I Solomon, D Sweidan, D Brittany, R Paige 81 c/o

 Nearest to pin: On 3rd T Kelleher, 12th R Rabie, 18th D Rodger


 Sunday 21 May 2017 - Betterball
S Padayachee, A Gounden    40 pts

 2.  I Mawson, G. Mawson        39 pts c/o

 3. D Fortune, Partner              39 pts

Nearest to pin: On 3rd S Periathamby, 18th V Majaja


Wednesday 24 May 2017 - Meat Comp

 1. J Van Rhyn  38 pts, 2. J Spoolder  37 pts, A Lloyd   35 pts

 Nearest to pin: On 12th   D Holt, 18th D Boehm

 2 Clubs - J Van Rhyn, D Boehm


 Saturday 27 May 2017 – Sanlam Cancer Challenge

 A-Div     1. S Valerio      30 pts, 2. T Kelleher    30 c/o pts

 B- Div    1. V Ramnudham   40 pts, 2.    J Stobbs    39 pts, 3. J Ramsay  38 pts

 C-Div     1. C Ryall   41 pts, 2. T Burk    39 pts, 3. A Lloyd   34 pts



 A-Div     0-16                                       N/A

 B-Div     17-24     K Botha                29 pts

 C-Div     25-36     J Van Zyl               29 pts

 Nearest to pin: On 3rd D Amos, 18th M Preiss 


Sunday 28 May 2017 – IPS

 1. G Dede  41 pts, 2. M Kandava   39 pts


Wednesday 31 May 2017 - Meat Competition

 1. N Roscoe    36 c/o, 2. S Backus  36 c/o, 3. M Cameron     35

 Nearest to pin: On 3rd D Straw, 18th   M Cameron

 2 Clubs - S Backus


Members are reminded to please repair all pitch marks, to carry a sandbag at all times and to use it on the fairways to ensure these stay as lush as possible during our winter months. We would also appeal to all members to keep our course as clean as possible by using the waste bins situated on the teeboxes to dispose of waste – it only takes a moment and makes for a much better experience for all.




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