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Dear Member,

Welcome to the July Newsletter, which has been somewhat delayed by the election of the new committee and allocating committee members with various responsibilities.

The sub-committees are headed by the list below but also assisted by various interested and supportive members.

Mr T Molefe                                        President

Mr. Mashego, DCS                              Chairman

Ian Foster                                          Vice President and assisting on Finance

John Stobbs                                       Captain 

Dalene Carelse                                   Ladies Captain

Nigel Roscoe                                      Tournaments and Greens

Rob Davison                                       Leagues and Communications

Andries Putter                                    In house- this means the clubhouse and facilities

Jan van Rhyn                                     Handicaps

Anvor Schooney                                 Junior development

Rhett Bellamy                                    Marketing- promotion of the club

Nigel Roscoe                                      Introduction of new USPGA handicap system

Desmond Boehm                                Club manager


As a committee it is our focus to

  • support the management of the club
  • Grow the membership and visits to the club
  • Make sure that your visit to the club is enjoyable and hassle free.


Should you have any problems, queries or suggestions relating to the running of the club, course or facilities then I suggest in the first instance you contact Desmond or the responsible committee member.



The Winter Championships were held on Saturday 21st July. Unfortunately the original date was overlooked and accordingly the staging of the event was rushed and did not receive the necessary planning and marketing and accordingly the number of players was lower than normal. You will note that there is a diary attached showing events for the coming month and this should go some way to avoiding such a hiccup in the future. For those who played thank you for your support. The course was set up to challenge the golfer and the greens were running at 10.5 making a good putting feel a necessity. Well done to all the winners. Results were

1  Niel Davis                                      40

2  Karen Botha                                  37 on a count out

3  Ian Foster                                     37 on a count out

4 Christo van Niekerk                        37 on a count out

5 Mike Cameron                                37 on a count out.

Nearest the pin 12th                          Sook Lee

Nearest the pin 18th                          Kam Munsamy

Longest drive 9th                              Niel Davis.


Competition rules

The sub-committee are drafting rules for all types of competition that may be played at the club. This will include details of tees to be used, dates for completion, count-out rules. Thereafter these will be displayed for all to see.

In principle at this stage for any competition you must play from the tee from which you were handicapped.


The Jukskei Classic is now scheduled to be played over the long weekend of 22-24 September by which time the weather should be warming up and encouraging more players to enter.



The club knockout competitions are progressing well and you are reminded to ensure you play the next round by the cut off dates shown below:

Knock out


Closing date


Quarter finals

26 August

Ladies doubles


26 August

Mixed doubles

Quarter finals

26 August

Mens doubles

Quarter finals

26 August

Mens Singles

Next round

5 August

Greens and Course

  1. The hump on the left hand side of the 5th hole has been partially mown. The idea being to allow drives to roll over the hump rather than be diverted to the right hand side behind the big tree. Let’s see how this idea works out- please give us your feedback.
  2. No other changes are scheduled in the next month.
  3. Niel Davis and his team are working to improve the course and certainly there has been a marked improvement in the greens.
  4. Please can you assist in making us proud of the course by placing any litter in the waste bins and not just throwing litter on the ground. If you feel we need to put in a few extra rubbish bins tell us where.



We are aware that the present security set-up leaves much to be desired. Whilst the clubhouse has not had a recent burglary there has been a vehicle theft. We are holding discussions with Savika Security to overcome these issues. Should you be given an access card on entry do NOT leave it in your car but take it with you when you play golf. Further updates and procedures will be issued shortly.


New Srixon Cards.

You may have received your new red Srixon handicap card. There have been some IT problems related to the transfer of credit from your old black card. These should be resolved within the next week.


New USPGA handicap introduction.

The new system involving rating of the course and consequent revision of handicaps is to become effective from Monday 3rd September 2018.

  • The 4 courses (yellow, white, blue and red) have been rated by SAGA
  • A slope rating has been issued for each of the 4 courses. Essentially the slope reflects the difficulty of the course with an average of 113. The higher the number the harder the course with LGC being rated between 128 and 142.
  • Niel Davis is busy installing painted bricks on each tee to reflect the specific length of each hole.
  • A new scorecard has been prepared.
  • Your handicap index will be calculated on the HNA system as at present but will be calculated to one decimal point- 15.4 and not just 15.
  • From 3 September when you register to play a round you must state which of the 4 courses you will play and thereafter the computer will calculate your specific course handicap to be used for the day and course chosen.
  • Further educational material will be issued and displayed during August.



Should you have suggestions as to how your playing experience can be improved please let us know.



John Stobbs